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Vapour Barrier Under Concrete Slab

Waterproof Under Concrete Slab Melbourne

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes cure to form a durable vapour barrier providing a permanent water & chemical protection.

The purpose of a vapour barrier is to provide a robust membrane material that will resist diffusion of moisture or gases through floors, walls and ceilings.

• Liquid Membranes systems are engineered for below slab construction.

• These are barriers that bond to poured concrete for use under slab, foundation or basement walls.

• Remains unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs.

Non-toxic, no VOCS  and does not use flames, heat or solvent adhesives.

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Liquid Rubber Membranes are spray-applied as a continuous seamless barrier providing waterproof protection horizontally, vertically up walls and around penetrations, pipes and upturns.

This means there are no joins,seams or overlaps which are often areas of potential weakness due to rupture and/or breakages during construction or over time.

Moisture Barrier for Concrete Slab & Basement Walls

Vapour Barriers can be applied to vertical walls and also to underground roof slabs, providing a continuous heavy duty moisture/ waterproof membrane.

These heavy duty, preformed composite membranes are suitable to successfully seal vapours from reclaimed construction sites,petrol station sites, chemical factory sites and seal off basements against radon gas.

  • Reclaimed petrol station sites.
  • Chemical factory sites
  • Basement membranes.
  • Vapour barriers sewage installations.
Vapour Barrier Concrete Slab

Membranes for Concrete Slab & Foundations

Building Services Australia provides tough, puncture resistant concrete vapour barrier and membranes for critical sub-structures and civil works.

Under slabs or behind basement walls on confined sites require a waterproofing membrane system that bonds robustly to the concrete block wall. 

Many conventional non-adhering moisture barrier membranes are vulnerable to water ingress tracking between the unbonded membrane and sub structure.

This unique spray-applied sub slab barrier prevents any ingress or migration of water around the structure as it is firmly & permanent adhered to concrete surface.

Spray application means there are no joins or seams to rupture during construction & concrete pour.

  • Basements
  • Underground parking
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Contaminated areas
  • Basement membranes.
  • Retaining walls
Under concrete slab waterproofing

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