Building Services Australia

We aim to be at the forefront of technology

Delivering the best long term and economical solutions for challenging construction problems.

building services australia

BSA reputation is for providing “can-do” approach to complex & challenging remedial projects.

  • A particular strength of BSA is our commitment to communicate with clients.
  • We try our utmost and continually strive to achieve an open line of communication with clients and our Team.
  • Within the remedial construction sector, we have formed highly skilled teams specialising in all facets of remedial works.
  • We use a cloud-based application allowing us to manage our business in real-time.
building services australia

Our Difference

Our Clients are kept in the loop

At our fingertips is information about your job, where & when the BSA Team are  - onsite, on the way or date & time job is logged.

Liquid Rubber Spray to Metal Industrial Roof

Liquid Rubber Spray to Metal Industrial Roof

Receive SMS reminders when our guys are on the way with estimated arrival time.

We know our job stages at all times - we can track hours on-site, travelling and can ensure fast responses.

The BSA Team are equipped with iPhone apps

to log, record, take photos & receive all job information.

Job Records

We have records & details stored electronically against all projects.

All job correspondence, contact details, job photos records are saved in real-time against

We know what stage every job is at, so no jobs slip through the cracks.

Best Practice

A comprehensive compliance system ensures that we comply with our industry requirement.

We are Green

Our systems are connected and stored electronically, cutting our paper usage drastically.

BSA Reputation Is For Providing “Can-Do” Approach To Complex & Challenging Remedial Projects.