Paul Evans - Remedial Waterproofing Consultant

Paul Evans

Paul Evans, Remedial Waterproofing Consultant

Honorary Life Member - Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)

President - Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) 2017 - 2022

Vice President – 2014 - 2017

Committee Member 2011 to present

President of Australia Institute of Waterproofing

Remedial Waterproofing Consultant

Paul Evans, a Registered Building Practitioner and Master Builder Specialist Contractor in Waterproofing with over 40 years of experience in the Australian construction industry, has significantly impacted commercial and industrial waterproofing standards. His expertise led him to a leadership role at Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, a reputable Melbourne company.

As the President of the Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW), he has championed the development of the "Waterproofing in Construction Course" with Master Builders Victoria (MBAV), aimed at improving industry practices. Additionally, Paul consults with the Victorian State Government’s Building Authority on regulatory reviews, ensuring the industry's regulations remain effective and up-to-date. His dedication is instrumental in advancing the waterproofing sector's professionalism and knowledge base.

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Accreditations, Memberships & Associations

Presentations at International Waterproofing Forums

2018 International Waterproofing Forum (Shanghai China) - "Challenges of Waterproofing Design and Application

The International Waterproofing Forum is a technical exchange forum held on the day before the opening of China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo. Professionals and experts from enterprises, institutes and organizations are invited to present. The depth and width of the forum is widely recognized by industrial experts, scholars and technicians.

2017 Waterproof Membranes International (Cologne Germany) - “Waterproofing Challenges in Australia’s Construction Boom”

The international conference focuses on the market dynamics, technical innovation, manufacture, installation, and performance of waterproof membranes (e.g., geomembranes). Waterproof Membranes 2017 – is an interaction between engineers, specifiers, researchers, commercial personnel and industry working for: the world’s leading membrane producers; raw material and component suppliers; machinery manufacturers; and institutes or companies involved in the research, testing and certification of membranes and applications.

Presentations for Architect Designer Engineer Building and Construction (ADEB)

Paul is a regular invited presenter at ADEB seminars:

  • Canberra 16th Nov 2018
  • Sydney 25 May 2018
  • Melbourne 14th March 2018
  • Perth 10TH May 2018
  • Melbourne 14th March 2017
  • Sydney 29thMarch 2017

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BSA Reputation Is For Providing “Can-Do” Approach To Complex & Challenging Remedial Projects.