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Building Restoration Service in Melbourne Victoria

Melbourne Building Restoration Services,Repairs & Commercial Waterproofing Specialists

Melbourne Building Restoration & Repairs & Commercial Waterproofing Specialists.

Providing construction & remedial repairs, LIQUID RUBBER waterproofing installation, concrete protection and corrosion control services throughout Victoria. 

Our Melbourne Building Services & Waterproofing Team consists of trained and experienced trades that can restore Balconies, Basements,Retaining Walls, Roofs & Under Slab Treatments


Restoration - Commercial Repairs 


Waterproofing Restoration


Waterproofing Company - Melbourne 

Building Services Australia (BSA) provide commercial waterproofing services.

Waterproofing System for Roof Terrace & Balcony

This project was required an integrated construction of waterproofing installation and structural elements for an educational facility where the existing roof membrane product failed miserably. A large timber deck needed to be bolted down over the top of the waterproof material.

Flat Roof Waterproofing Membrane

This is a combination which usually causes catastrophic failure in waterproofing membranes. o Half the roof and balcony was decking and the other side was synthetic grass.

Roof Waterproof Method

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing together with Protection Sheet and Instant Turf created a rooftop balcony that was water tight & visually stunning.

Restoration - Leaking Balconies 

  • Commercial & residential multi-story balconies have been identified with an alarming frequency of building defects and a major reason being waterproofing problems.
  • Current construction methods are designed with balconies with minimal fa​
  • Balcony design with minimal fall has a significant effect on the choice of waterproofing product, installation method and tile adhesives used.
  • In such cases the waterproof membrane must be capable of "standing water".
  • Over time a balcony with minimal fall will have an increased likelihood of water ingress down through tile grout lines.
  • This leads to moisture "ponding" between the waterproof membrane and tiles.
  • Many membranes on the market today cannot withstand ponding water.
  • Accumulation of calcium salts, called "efflorescence, occurs on balcony surfaces only in the presence of water below.
  • Repairing leaking balconies may require complete strip out of existing tiles & membrane

Basement Restoration - Water Leaks  


Building Services Australia  - Remedial Waterproofing & Structural Repair Systems 

Basements and floors below ground are at risk of water ingress from ground water or seepage after rain.

This water ingress can create a long term deleterious effect on concrete roof, walls and floors and adjoining structures.

If cracks are left this allows moisture, salts and other contaminants to penetrate the concrete and further continue the deterioration process. 

  • Internal waterproofing systems are often referred to as a ‘water management system’, and is based upon a range of cavity drain membranes, drainage systems and pumping systems.
  • Once captured, water can be discharged from the property passively to open elevations or removed by mechanical means.
  • This is an especially effective in making leaking basements dry if access for external repairs or excavation is impractical.

Exterior Excavation Waterproofing Repair

  • Remedial below ground waterproofing involves excavating down to the foundation to fix problem.
  • During this process, a new waterproof membrane will be applied to the exterior wall’s surface and often new drainage systems installed.
  • Due to the extensive amount of work required, exterior remedial repairs to basements tend to be more costly than other waterproofing methods.

Concrete Waterproofing 

Concrete crack injection is effective in stopping leaks and restoring the structural property however it is vital to use the correct material and skilled crack injection application.

Repairs & Restoration - Leaking Roofs in Melbourne  

Selecting Correct Roof Waterproofing Product

•Roof waterproofing membranes needs to be flexible & move with the roof structure.
•Be able to withstand “ponding” water.
•UV stable & robust to all weather conditions.
Liquid Applied Waterproofing Solution for Flat Roofs
•Fast spray application – up to 3 faster than sheet or torch on membranes.
•Spray over existing surface - no need to remove existing roof membrane.
•Seamless – no joins or seams for future water leaks.
•Extreme flexibility & longevity.

building services australia
Both Registered Building Practitioner & Certified Waterproofer
roof waterproofing membrane

Liquid Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Concrete Roof Slab

 Building Services Australia (BSA) can overcoat an existing roof surface without the cost and inconvenience of removal. 

This is an enormous cost & time saving method and incredibly less disruptive - especially for commercial and infrastructure buildings.

Liquid Roof Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing Metal Roof 

Restoring leaking roof membranes with spray applied Liquid Rubber provides a long term solution for all surfaces i.e concrete, timber, metal. 

  • Building & Commercial Waterproofing Specialists based in Melbourne, providing construction & remedial repairs, waterproofing installation, concrete protection and corrosion control services throughout Victoria.
  • Our Waterproofing Team can overcoat an existing surface without the cost and inconvenience of removal.
  • This is an enormous cost & time saving method and incredibly less disruptive - especially for commercial and infrastructure buildings.
  • Restoring leaking membranes with spray applied Liquid Rubber provides a long term solution for all surfaces i.e concrete, timber, metal.
building services australia
Both Registered Building Practitioner & Certified Waterproofer

Building Services Australia (BSA) 

BSA offers the following services in Melbourne Victoria:

  • Building Firm, Melbourne VIC
  • Contractor, Melbourne VIC
  • Construction Company, Melbourne VIC
  • Waterproofing Company, Melbourne VIC
  • Water Damage Restoration Service, Melbourne VIC
  • Construction ans Maintenance Office, Melbourne VIC

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