Using Crack Injection for Basement Leaks

Case Study

Water leaks had caused extensive damage to the concrete walls and floor of this underground garage.

Water ingress and subsequent concrete deterioration was due to waterproofing membrane failure on the terrace above the garage.

We applied a high pressure polyurethane crack injection method to seal & waterproof the garage concrete roof.

This process has high reliability, the polyurethane is flexible and can absorb compressive force.

The injected polyurethane fills the crack through the entire thickness of the wall thereby preventing water from entering the crack.

Concrete cracks causing water leaks may cause very serious structural problems.

Concrete water leaks often leading to corrosion of steel reinforcements resulting in structural weakness.

Crack injection can permanently repair concrete foundations, wall or floor cracks without the high cost & disruption of excavation.

The use of crack injection resins in repairing structural cracks within brickwork, concrete or masonry is well established as an effective and economic structural repair technique.

As a leading crack injection & concrete repair applicator servicing Melbourne metro areas, we offer a range of concrete services:

  • Movement or stationary cracks.
  • Construction or expansion joints 
  • Leaking Car parks & Basements.
  • Concrete floor repairs. 
  • New Construction & Remedial Works.

Complete range of concrete rehabilitation services including concrete repair, all crack injection work, remediation and application of protective waterproof coatings.


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