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Melbourne - Certified Waterproofers & Registered Builder

  • Providing remedial waterproofing together with structural repair & construction project management.
  • Using Liquid Elastomeric Membranes - spray on industry standard designed to overcome the many problems encountered with sheet and Torch On waterproofing systems. 
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing - versatile , robust & longlife waterproofing  - residential, commercial, industrial, flat, concrete, timber, asbestos and metal.

Commercial Waterproofers 

  • Using Liquid Applied Membranes ensures rapid installation -  cost & time saving method and incredibly less disruptive - especially for commercial and infrastructure buildings.

  • Restoring leaking membranes with spray applied Liquid Rubber provides a long term solution for all surfaces i.e concrete, timber, metal.

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Waterproofing Repairs & Restoration

Balcony Waterproofing 

  •  Balconies are subject to the extremes of the Australian climate, from intense sunlight to freezing winter conditions

  • A waterproofing membrane needs to be robust and able to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

  • Liquid Rubber is the ideal membrane to use to waterproof balconies.  

Why balconies leak? 

There are several main reasons why the BSA Team see leaking balconies: 

  1. Improper application of the membrane or just the wrong product being used is usually the main cause of a membrane failure.

2. Inadequately waterproof detailing from balcony to wall interfaces.

3.Railing post and penetrations causing water ingress due to poor preparation and detailing.

4. Insufficient waterproofing during construction stage due to cost-cutting exercises - using cheap (inferior) materials to save money.

If It Has A Balcony, It Will Leak

This unfortunate statement was taken from an article titled “Melbourne’s high-rise nightmares taking a tall toll on residents and investors” from The Age Melbourne 25th September 2016.

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Basement Waterproofing 

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  • Below ground waterproofing needs to be robust and last the lifetime of the building envelope.

  • Basements and floors below ground are at risk of water ingress from ground water or seepage after rain

  • Below Ground water ingress can create a long term deleterious effect on concrete roof, walls and floors and adjoining structures.

  • If concrete cracks are left this allows moisture, salts and other contaminants to penetrate the concrete and further continue the deterioration process.and also protected from back fill.

Liquid Rubber is a strong waterproof coating, ideal for basements and retaining wall waterproofing.

Underslab Waterproofing

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Concrete slab waterproofing and vapor barrier.

Roof Waterproofing Services


Selecting Correct Roof Waterproofing Membrane

  • Roof waterproofing membranes needs to be flexible & move with the roof structure.

  • A roof membrane must be able to withstand ponding” water.

  • UV stable & robust to all weather conditions. 

  • Rapid application allows waterproofing installation is not disruptive. 

  • Spray-On membranes can be applied over the existing roof surface - no need to remove old roof membrane. 

  • Liquid Membranes are seamless – no joins or seams for future water leaks. 

  • Extreme flexibility & longevity.

Case Study - Waterproofing Video Below 

Roof Waterproofing with Liquid Rubber Membranes

Concrete and metal Roofing Service  waterproof coatings need to be able to expand and contract with the the normal thermal cycle of a metal roof.

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs):

  • Fast spray application directly over leaking roof surface.
  • Restore and repair a leaking roof with a single spray application. 
  • No need to remove existing old bitumen, epdm, sheet and/or torch-on membranes. 
  • Liquid Membrane will stretch & move with metal roof. 
  • Spray Apply Waterproofing conforms to corrugations & around roof facilities. 
  • Thermo Top Coat available for insulation & heat reflective.

Waterproofing Company in Melbourne 

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  • Providing commercial, industrial & infrastructure waterproofing solutions.
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