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Concrete Waterproofing Repairs

Concrete Waterproofing & Membrane System

Case Study

Building Services Australia were contracted to seal and waterproof a chemical concrete bund tank used for storing, stacking and holding chemicals.

These bund containment tanks are used in the process of cheese making so the waterproofing product had to be suitable for human consumption and environmentally friendly.

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BSA used a seamless & one coat waterproofing product - spray applied Liquid Rubber System - to permanently seal & waterproof the concrete tanks.

Spray application is fast - up to 3x faster than conventional waterproofing systems. 

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes conforms to the shape of concrete surfaces while at the same time providing extreme flexibility combined with a robust fully bonded membrane.

Membrane flexibility means the waterproof coating will move with the substrate; allowing expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations of the concrete surface.

This project required thorough preparation of the concrete bund lining and damaged concrete prior to application of the liquid waterproofing system.

Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

The liquid waterproofing material was sprayed to approx 1.500 microns thick.

This made sure that we had a good coating over the whole area.

spray applied liquid waterproofing membrane

Using the latest technology, Building Services Australia provide concrete repairs to:

  • Concrete Repairs & Remediation
  • Concrete Waterproofing Membranes
  • Concrete Sealing

As concrete repair contractors we are trained in a wide range of waterproofing products and in the use of epoxy and polyurethane injection repair.

  • Structural repairs to bridges and beams
  • Leaking tunnels and construction pits
  • Leaking basements and car parks
  • Movement or stationary cracks
  • Construction or expansion joints

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