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Concrete Waterproofing Repairs

Concrete Waterproofing & Membrane SystemCase StudyBuilding Services Australia were contracted to seal and waterproof a chemical concrete bund tank used for storing, stacking and holding chemicals.These bund containment tanks are used in the process of cheese making so the waterproofing product had to be suitable for human consumption and environmentally friendly. View Video Below Video Transcript […]

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Using Crack Injection for Basement LeaksCase StudyWater leaks caused damage to the concrete walls and floor of this underground garage. Concrete deterioration was due to waterproofing membrane failure on the terrace above the garage.We applied a high pressure ´╗┐polyurethane crack injection method to seal & waterproof the garage concrete roof.This process has high reliability, the […]

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Crack Injection Services Melbourne

Concrete Waterproofing Using Liquid Membranes Liquid Applied membranes are well suited for remedial concrete repairs.Liquid Rubber provides a robust waterproofing barrier: dues to these properties: membrane due its water tight integrity, fully bonded adhesiveness and self healing characteristics. Robust AdhesionWater Tight IntegritySelf Healing CharacteristicsSeamless – Bridges Cracks, Joins & SeamsFlexibility – Moves with Substrate Case […]